Branch Presidents

Melissa Yake.jpgMelissa Yake, President 2014/2015
Melissa completed her advanced diploma in Sustainable Energy and Building Technology at Humber College in May of 2015. From the very first month enrollment in the program, Melissa recognized that involvement with ASHRAE would present great opportunities for learning and enrichment of the knowledge and skills gained from the program. In her first year of involvement, Melissa helped to develop the social media presence of the Humber College Student Chapter with the blog and Facebook accounts. As President, Melissa worked diligently to broaden the scope of ASHRAE’s involvement on campus by providing opportunities for students to enhance their skills sets for spreadsheets, presentations and interviews. She also worked to de-mystify what ASHRAE is all about by hosting a seminar to teach about ASHRAE standards and how they impact the built environment. Guest speakers, tours and seminars helped to diversify events and demonstrate opportunities for students in the workplace in the diverse sectors that are addressed with ASHRAE standards. In future, Melissa will maintain involvement with the Toronto Chapter as a volunteer, as well as lend continuing support to students at Humber College.

Jesse GadzinowskiJesse Gadzinowski, President 2013/2014
Jesse is a graduate of the 2013/2014 Sustainable Energy and Building Technology program. During his time at Humber he was actively involved in ASHRAE Humber College Student Branch serving as a member, Board member, and finally President in his final year. His interest in ASHRAE came from the direct linkages between engineering and building science subject matter learned during the SEBT program and the HVAC industry within which ASHRAE operates. He was able to cultivate a deeper understanding of industry sectors that deal with energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainability in buildings through his connections to industry professionals at ASHRAE Humber College, ASHRAE Toronto, and International ASHRAE events. Jesse looks forward to continuing involvement with ASHRAE at the local Chapter level. The 2013/2014 year was challenging and rewarding, as the Executive Team maintained a high standard for both on and off-campus events. The Branch was able to obtain HSF Club status during the year, enabling promotion of ASHRAE to a wider student audience. Value was provided to student members through technical tours and industry professional guest speakers; executive members gained experience from having structured board meetings and individual event planning responsibilities during the year.

Emma Wildeman.jpgEmma Wildeman, President 2012/2013
Emma completed her 3 year diploma in Sustainable Energy and Building Technology at Humber College in April 2013. She has dedicated all three years in promoting membership for Humber College’s ASHRAE Student Branch to students and strived to share the benefits of participating in the society with her classmates. The first step Emma took was diligently talking to peers; she reached out to the SEBT and HVAC programs at Humber College. During her year of presidency she formed a group of committed board members, and together they ran regular events. This group of board members worked hard at sustaining Humber College’s ASHRAE Student Branch as something to benefit the student community with strengthening their knowledge of the HVAC industry. Avid support from the student body, both from board members and from participants, was the keystone to the success of the 2012/2013 Humber College’s ASHRAE Student Branch year.

Michael McEvenueMichael McEvenue, President 2011/2012
The Humber College ASHRAE Student branch was a seed planted by the dedication and hard work of Lakhbir Dhillon, with the support of faculty advisor Dragos Paraschiv. Lakhbir had promoted the vision of ASHRAE to the students of SEBT (Sustainable Energy & Building Technology) and gave the student branch the momentum to move forward into becoming a thriving student branch. Michael was invited (by Lahkbir & Dragos) to continue the progress made with the branch, by using his energy and enthusiasm to further the vision. Before taking the reins of the Humber student branch, Michael was on the Board of Directors for HSF (Humber Student Federation) representing the students of Applied Technology; the knowledge and experience he gained during that time, was an excellent resource used for transitioning into branch president. His goals as president were to: create the first board (and its members), establish methods for operation, grow the number of student members, promote ASHRAE as an organization, and encourage students to attend Toronto Chapter meetings. These goals were all met! Special thanks to Emma Wildeman for her diligent efforts in engaging students, promoting ASHRAE events and encouraging ASHRAE membership.
Michael was able to attend the ASHRAE 2012 Winter Conference (with the financial sponsorship from the Toronto Chapter) and gained valuable industry knowledge, contacts and a deeper insight into what ASHRAE offers its members. His experience from the conference led Michael to be more involved in the Toronto Chapter and he became the Student Activities Chair (after graduating) for two years; where he engaged students across all the student branches (colleges and universities), supported the ASHRAE design competition, ASHRAE Winter Conference sponsorships, and growing new student branches within the Toronto Chapter. It has been an honour and a privilege for Michael to be a part of ASHRAE and he hopes many more students can get involved and benefit from its membership.

Lakhbir DhillonLakhbir S. Dhillon, President 2009/2011
Lakhbir Dhillon is a graduate of the Sustainable Energy & Building Technology program in the Province of Ontario a LEED Accredited Professional. His experience in energy efficiency includes project managing the setup of the first Ontario manufacturing plant in the Woodbridge with Solgate Solar. He has gained energy management experience while working with Maple Reinders Construction advising, researching and reporting on various different technologies. Currently Lakhbir is working with R.T.S. Controls and CHAMP Engineering as a Project Co-ordinator/Energy Analyst where he was responsible for the development sub-metering division and working with Measurement & Verification pilot projects. He has supported the forming of Humber ASHRAE chapter by gaining support of Toronto Chapter members that attend Humber College. Once the petition was approved by ASHRAE head office Lakhbir was nominated branch president.


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