Board Members

Executive Board Members

Emilia Lundh, President
Emilia is a third year student in the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology program, which she joined due to her interest in energy management and desire to improve building performances. Emilia has previously worked on a research project to quantify the air infiltration in semi-detached townhouses, as well as with water auditing and data analysis for a consulting company. She recognizes that the networking events and technical seminars arranged by the Toronto Chapter provide a real benefit for her as a student. This has led to her involvement with the Humber ASHRAE Student Branch, where she is committed to advancing the awareness of ASHRAE at Humber College and improving student engagement.

Cassandra Heide, Vice President
Cassandra is a third year student in the SEBT program at Humber, which she was drawn to by her desire to improve our building stock in a real, measurable way. AHSRAE is a crucial part of this goal, as well as a professional resource that all students in the building industry should be familiar with. Cassandra is excited to give back by serving as Vice President this year, as well as co-ordinating the 2016 Student Design Challenge. She also works part time for a company owned by an ASHRAE member.

Stefan Bedard, Treasurer
Stefan is a second year student in the SEBT program. ASHRAE is important to him for the different opportunities it presents including the networking events, professional skills development, and the chance to interact with other driven students and professionals in his field. He strongly believes in the core values of ASHRAE and would like to use their standards and principles as a guide throughout his career.

Chad Thurlow, Secretary
Chad is a former Actor turned student attending Humber’s Sustainable Energy and Building Technology program. In 2010 he received his BFA in Theatre Acting from the University of Windsor.  Entering his second year at Humber, his focus is on deciding on a specialization within his field and wants to find a corresponding Co-op work-study opportunity. He is excited about continuing with his volunteer work for CaGBC and Live Green Toronto, work that he started in the summer 2015. He hopes his hard work and initiative can help the ASHRAE Humber Chapter succeed even more than they already have.

Board Members

Aaron MacRitchie, Board Member
Aaron MacRitchie is a second year Sustainable Energy and Building Technology student at Humber College. He graduated from Central Technical High School with several regrettable memories and a specialist High Skills Major in electrical construction. He is very passionate about the environment and sustainability coming from a long line of environmental scientist and activists. In his free time, Aaron trains as a National level gymnast, plays the bagpipes, and attempts to save the world.

Chantal Sylvestre, Board Member
Chantal is currently in her final year of study in the Sustainable Energy and Building Technology. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, she was drawn to her program of study by her deep appreciation for nature and desire to preserve it. Chantal has been a member of ASHRAE since November 2013 and has attended many dinner meetings and networking events. Chantal is passionate about learning and is always seeking to improve.

Jeffrey Taylor, Board Member
Jeffrey is a student in his second year at Humber College studying Sustainable Energy and Building technology. He has been interested in environmental issues since a young age. He has previously attended university for Political Science. He joined Ashrae because he is interested in learning technical information about building systems and to learn about how the industry works. His interests include solar energy and passive building design.

Sandor Dugalin, Board Member
Sandor is a second-year student of Sustainable Energy and Building Technology at Humber College. Having spent many years in the culinary sector and watching the sheer wastefulness of that industry, he decided to refocus his attention on sustainability and “future-proofing” our civilization. Coming from a family full of trades and contractors, he is excited to embark on a new path of technical expertise in the green building and green retrofit field, with a particular interest in electrical systems.

Toban Mills, Board Member
Toban is currently a third-year student in the Sustainable Energy Building Technology program at Humber College. As a ’99 alumnus of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (O.I.A.R.T.), he earned a diploma giving him the skills to become a successful freelance sound recordist.  Working primarily in the television industry, he has spent the last 16 years crafting his expertise as a specialized tradesperson. Embarking on a new journey at Humber and networking with industry organizations like ASHRAE, Toban hopes to become successful in this new industry of energy efficiency and lead the next generation into a sustainable climate.

Yan-Chuan Chen, Board Member
Yan-Chuan is a second-year student in the SEBT program. He holds EMBA from Lincoln University, BA in Land Economics from National Chengchi University, and BS in Meteorology from Chinese Culture University. He was a Land Registration Agent Assistant in a real estate company, and he was an IT professional/support person in a bank in Taiwan. His passion for sustainable community and energy conservation brought him to Humber. Now, he wants to get more involved in this industry. It is important for him to join ASHRAE to learn more about the industry and grow his network.


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