Excel Seminar 201 Fundamentals and Advanced Tools

Humber ASHRAE had the pleasure of welcoming Michael McEvenue back to host an Excel workshop for students and branch members in February. Michael is a Humber graduate from the Sustainable Energy Building Technology program and past president of the Humber ASHRAE branch (2011/2012).  He was kind enough to donate his time and expertise for us to learn and also capture his workshop on video.

It is uploaded here as a tool for anyone that would like to delve into the useful tips that can help a novice navigate excel software and maximize its potential. It is in two parts as to accommodate the length of the seminar that was held. It begins with a brief background of Michael’s credentials, followed by the topics that will be covered.

Some key topics include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts, Tables,
  • Slicers,
  • Data Cleaning & Basic ETL (extract, transform, and load),
  • Paste Special,
  • Sumifs,
  • Index and Match,
  • Conditional Formatting,
  • Pivot Tables 

Follow along in the exercises using this file20170215 – SEBT – Excel Seminar – Michael McEvenue

part 1

part 2

 We hope you enjoyed this workshop, hopefully it helps with your professional development. A special thanks to Michael for putting together a great presentation, as well as Jeff Taylor and Toban Mills for capturing it and making it available to the public.


Excel-based Data Management and Visualization

The Humber ASHRAE student branch was recently visited by Jesse Gadzinowski, Energy Analyst at Enbridge Gas, who showed some of what he considers to be essential excel skills. We captured a video of the lecture, so you can learn about Basic Data Management and Visualization, even if you were unable to join us for the event. Functions that were covered include:

  • Databases
  • Filtering
  • Pivot Tables

Follow along in the exercises using this file: all-opps-8feb2016

Special thanks to our guest lecturer, Jesse Gadzinowski, who took the time to prepare relevant and interesting material, and to Toban Mills and Jeffrey Taylor who captured and processed the video.

Cisco office Tour at Waterpark Place

DSC_0001 (Large)

Humber ASHRAE begin their Tour of the CISCO offices in Toronto with Bill MacGowan P.Eng., CEM.

On February 3rd, members of the Humber ASHRAE student board were lucky enough to get an extensive tour of the CISCO offices at WaterPark Place down at Queens Quay in Toronto. Some background on what CISCO does:

” [We] shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.”

You maybe wondering why Humber ASHRAE would be interested in what CISCO provides, since ASHRAE’s focus is primarily on Building Science; however, we came to learn that CISCO has a lot to offer our industry.

Systems they offer:

  • Power over ethernet
  • Smart monitoring
  • BAS (Building automated systems)
DSC_0010 (Large)

The Innovation Centre Room at CISCO

Starting on January 12th, CISCO opened their doors to the Innovation Centre. A room that contained products from 11 different companies that tackled business problems that were concerned with energy usage, security networks, and building automation systems.

A few of the Innovations that stood out:

  • AERE LIGHT – A LED lighting system that is in a film form. You can literally roll it out like wall paper and it lights up by touch.
  • INVIXIUM ACCESS – fingerprint recognition
  • DELTA CONTROLS – Complete integration of building control systems into CISCO’s network of “The Internet of Things.”
DSC_0039 (Large)

Video connectivity is huge in CISCO’s world

Next were ushered into one of many conference rooms that focused on Video chat. Through video chat CISCO has reduced their travel needs up to 40%. That is a huge reduction in GHG emissions.

The offices themselves and their mechanical needs are all automated and has sensors everywhere, providing ease of use and energy savings. One the interesting trends in CISCO is seeing is that the IT room is now becoming larger, while the mechanical room is shrinking due to things like power over ethernet and BAS.

DSC_0062 (Large)

Power over ethernet

Humber ASHRAE would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to CISCO and tour guide William Macgowan. CISCO is changing how new buildings are designed, built and managed, which shows the exciting future of how buildings can be experienced.


By: Chad Thurlow